How to launch a dream

About two years ago, I began developing the content for a website that would bring together the wisdom of four ancient faith traditions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity and the Eastern path (which incorporates several Eastern-based faith traditions, like Buddhism).  In some ways I feel underqualified but it’s been a fabulous journey already.   There is so much wisdom and beauty out there, I wanted one place, on the web, where we could access some of it.

Within the site there are five key challenges that we all tend to face (some more than others).  These challenges are: anxiety, work, relationships, happiness and peace.  For each challenge, I’ve located quotations from the ancient text of all four traditions.  In addition, the scientific component has been really exciting.  Nearly daily, I’m finding new studies and discoveries related to the challenges, such as the new data pertaining to happiness and income, which came out in the end of 2010. 

The site isn’t up yet.  A few of the designers couldn’t grasp the notion (go figure LOL) and a few others wanted too much $$.  This blog is my way of expressing, in a separate forum, the path to; that is the challenges, the victories, and the story as I eventually reach my goal of creating a unique community where we can talk to each other, seek the latest news, address our challenges and hopefully gain from the insight of experts, ancient wisdom and science.   Talk soon!  Laura



About Laura

Former PR person turned idealistic website neophyte
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